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Five Essential Reasons to Prefer Google Ads Automation to SEO

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Google is essentially the most successful search engine on the Internet. According to Statista, Google held 87,96% of the search engine market by October 2019. And the most significant revenue came from its advertising. Cited from another source, Search Engine Watch, Google has 1.6 billion unique visitors per month! It will be a big loss if your business’s marketing campaign does not include Google. That alone is one primary reason why you should use Google Ads automation. But compared to other strategies like SEO-ing or manual PPC setups, why should you be bothered with making your ads automated?

SEO-ing Is Tedious

seo strategiesOptimizing keywords, creating unique and engaging content, creating backlinks, managing your website to be user-friendly and accessible are all the things required in SEO. If you do those tasks without cheats (without buying backlinks, keyword stuffing, page swapping, etc.), it’s going to take forever before your leads can turn into real customers. It does not mean that SEO can be omitted though, because it is still a vital aspect for your business to reach the front page of Google search. 

But if you were to choose between SEO and automated Google ads, you’d better invest in the second option. By advertising on Google, you can get to the top list of search results without having to cheat your way out. You only need to pay for the service and set your ads correctly. 

Google Ads’ Performance Is Better than SEO


Automated Google Ads Are Trouble-Free

ads on websitesYou can automate SEO tasks, but you can do that with Google Ads. For example, a pacer script will help you to stop spending more money once the target budget has been reached. Another script called bidder will help optimize your keyword bidding. Besides, you don’ t need to be a coder to learn about how to use those scripts. Get them from a trusted provider, and they are ready to use!

Google Ads Have More Measurable ROI (Return of Investment)

SEO is vital for brand building, but it is more of a long-term investment. Google updates its algorithm every year, which means that the SEO rules also change. In fact, even though SEO is an abstract enterprise, you can make sense of it if you think like Google. Imagine yourself as a search engine provider. To keep your users engaged, you surely want to present them with only relevant results, won’t you?

Google Ads are more direct in terms of promoting your website. You buy an advertising space that will appear on the search page result when a user types a keyword that is relevant to your business. You won’t boost your organic exposure, but you can still get the benefit of appearing on front pages. 

Google Ads Have a Wider Reach than SEO

SEO only allows you to reach new leads from the search page results, while Google Ads give you some space on Google websites, and sites that use Google Adsense. Even though this strategy can be costly, your money will get you to places you can’t reach with SEO.