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Use of Gaming in Marketing and Advertising

Video games have become very popular in today’s world. The fantastic setting, storylines, sounds, and their interactive nature has made millions of people to love these games. As a result, video games have become wholly immersive, with many people spending a lot of hours playing. This has presented a massive opportunity for marketers to sell their brand to millions of people worldwide.
Online games in particular, have risen in popularity. You can play and chat with your friends, even when you are not in the same living room. Gaming is now a multi-billion industry with millions of people daily playing games like the Legend of Zelda :

So, how can gaming be used in marketing and advertising to reach new customers?

Mobile Games

mobile gameA large percentage of the world’s population own smartphones. Businesses are now using this smartphone trend to their advantage. Through smartphones, companies can collect data that can be used to improve their product to suit customer needs.

In the same spirit, the majority of video games are now downloaded and played using smartphones. There are thousands of free to play games which you can download and play. In these games, you will often encounter in-app ads or product placements for a particular brand. This way you can advertise your product all over the world with just a mobile game.

Augmented Reality

augmeneted realityWhen the game Pokemon Go was introduced in 2016, it became an instant phenomenon. Many people from all parts of the world were playing the game with the number of daily users rising to 45 million people.

Pokemon became famous because of augmented reality- using graphics to bring experiences to life.
Now augmented reality is popular with several business brands designing ways they can leverage the technology. Companies like Apple are looking into ways to use augmented reality to allow customers to virtually test the product before buying it.


A lot of companies are now using video games as a means of marketing and advertising. Some companies have now gone a step ahead by designing their games. They then use these games to not only reach their audience but also engage them.

As a business, you can use advergames to gain additional followers, raise your brand awareness, and even use it to collect data that can be used to improve your product. You might also get luckier, and your game turns out to be a hit.

Nobody ever thought video games would gain a reputation like the one they currently have. With their rise in popularity, new possibilities like using them in marketing and advertising emerged. We do not know what the future holds for video games, but for sure, there will be even more emerging trends that can be beneficial to business owners.…

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Social Media Marketing Tips

You can leverage social media in your marketing strategies to help your business grow quite significantly. With the correct strategy, social media can help to solidify branding, create quality leads, and drive sales. However, social media marketing can also be a waste of time, effort, and money if the right strategy is not used. Below are a few social media marketing tips that will ensure you use the right strategy for the benefit of your business.

Identify Your Goals

The first thing to do should be to identify your goals, which will then help you come up with the right plan. For starters, your goals should be specific and concise. Vague goals might get misleading at some point. The goal should also be measurable, meaning that you should be able to definitively determine whether you have achieved the goal or how far you are from doing so. Ensure the goal is attainable and relevant to avoid getting demoralized and frustrated over time. Having a lot of expectations is okay, but remain realistic. Lastly, the goal should be time-bound. That means you should be accountable for the goal within a predetermined time.

Identify Your Audience

The only way to ensure that your message will be effective is to design it for the specific customers that you are targeting. To help you with that, try to come up with a relevant buyer persona. To be able to create the right message, you need to review happy clients, note all the pain points, and survey customer support. Identifying a target audience will also reduce your marketing costs, as you will be focusing on a smaller but more significant number of people.

Choose the Best Social Media Platforms

A common mistake that most social media marketers do is to try to work with almost a dozen social media channels. Doing so will likely get you off track and overwhelmed, resulting in poor performance. To choose the right channels, figure out who needs the service or product and which platforms your top competitors are using. The answers will influence you to make the right decision. social media icons

Deliver Consistently

Another helpful tip is that you should always post on social media consistently. Whatever you post should be very interesting and relevant to what you are marketing. It is also okay to post articles and relevant industry information written by other people to help you fill your social media calendar. Also, take advantage of any trending topics to boost interactions.